A “Digital Currency And Cryptocurrency Product Lead” is being sought by Walmart.

August 16, 2021
A “Digital Currency And Cryptocurrency Product Lead” is being sought by Walmart.

The search for a "Digital Currency And Cryptocurrency Product Lead" at Walmart could bode well for Bitcoin.

Walmart recherche un chef de produit crypto pour piloter sa stratégie de  monnaie numérique | Cryptomonnaie

Walmart is looking for a “Digital Currency And Cryptocurrency Product Lead” to “own and drive the Digital Currency strategy,” according to the company.

Walmart's new status as one of the world's largest retailers might be a positive development for the Bitcoin community.

The new position is for a senior director who will be based in Walmart's Bentonville, Arkansas headquarters.

According to LinkedIn, the job entails “identifying cryptocurrency partnerships and investments” as well as “translating client objectives into product requirements.”

Comment chercher un emploi en France | Campus France

At this time, it's unclear whether Walmart will leverage Bitcoin and the Lightning Network to implement cryptocurrency payment solutions.

However, the listing of the post signals a significant shift for the typically conservative global commerce behemoth, whose products and services are widely used in the United States.

Despite the fact that the job posting on LinkedIn does not mention Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the massive retailer and e-commerce company, which has millions of customers worldwide, to invest in anything other than Bitcoin as a long-term store of value or a medium of exchange for its customers.

The job advertisement comes just one month after Amazon advertised a position for a digital currency and blockchain product lead, indicating that the company is interested in accepting cryptocurrency as payment.

Amazon and Walmart together facilitate billions of dollars in internet transactions each year.

Amazon : son projet de cryptomonnaie se dévoile peu à peu | LCDG

Walmart embauche un chef de produit pour la monnaie numérique et la crypto-monnaie  | ThePressFree

Walmart did file a patent application for a stablecoin just two years ago, when corporate digital stable coins were all the rage.

There have been no new developments in that regard.

After two years and one halving cycle, the market capitalization of Bitcoin surpassed $1 trillion.

If Walmart started accepting Bitcoin payments or added Bitcoin to its corporate treasury, millions of people would be exposed to the immutable distributed ledger technology, hastening adoption and moving us closer to a Bitcoin standard.

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