Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to rise, while altcoins become green.

August 6, 2021
Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to rise, while altcoins become green.

The price of bitcoin remained steady above the USD 38,000 support level.

As a result, BTC began to rise again, breaking through barrier levels of USD 39,000 and USD 40,000.

Currently, the price ranges between USD 40,000 and USD 41,000.

Similarly, the majority of big altcoins are attempting to increase their gains.

Bitcoin was outperformed by ETH, which broke over the USD 2,800 barrier zone.

The price of XRP is approaching USD 0.75.

Market capitalization in total

Bitcoin's value

Bitcoin's price began to rise again after a retest of USD 38,000.

BTC has consistently risen over the USD 39,000 and USD 40,000 resistance levels.

It even broke through the USD 41,000 barrier before reversing and going back towards USD 40,000.

It has since recovered to USD 41,000.

The USD 39,200 level is a critical support on the downside.

The first key support level is near USD 39,000, below which the price may retest the USD 38,000 support area.

The cost of Ethereum

The price of Ethereum remained positive, breaking through the USD 2,750 resistance level.

ETH even broke through USD 2,800 and was correcting gains before returning to USD 2,800.

The USD 2,700 level could provide support if the downside correction becomes more severe.

Near the USD 2,650 level, the next big support is found.

Price of ADA, LTC, DOGE, and XRP

Cardano (ADA) was gaining traction as it approached the USD 1.40 mark, but it was unable to break through and fell.

A new test of the USD 1.30 support level is possible.

Litecoin (LTC) is increasing in value and is now trading above the USD 142 mark.

A break above USD 150 could be more likely if the USD 145 level is broken.

In the other direction, the price could challenge the USD 130 support level.

Although Dogecoin (DOGE) was underperforming, it was able to break beyond the USD 0.200 barrier.

If the price breaks below USD 0.188 on the downside, losses may accelerate.

Near USD 0.165, the next major support is found.

The USD 0.220 level is a big resistance level on the upward.

The price of XRP is currently trading above the USD 0.700 support level.

If XRP is able to break through the USD 0.750 resistance, it may continue to increase.

USD 0.800 could be the next significant barrier level.

In the short term, any further advances might push the price up to USD 0.880 or even higher.

Today's market for other altcoins

THETA, UNI, MKR, SUSHI, FTM, OKB, SNX, TFUEL, VGX, FTT, AAVE, ZEN, and ICP are among the cryptocurrencies that have gained more than 5%.

THETA rose 16 percent and burst through the USD 7 mark before correcting downward.

Overall, the bitcoin price is rising, and it is currently trading far above USD 39,200.

A daily closing above USD 40,000 and USD 40,500 could pave the way for more gains.

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