Cardano (ADA) working towards a Significant Deal in Africa, Could Skyrocket ADA Price

June 23, 2021
Cardano (ADA) working towards a Significant Deal in Africa, Could Skyrocket ADA Price

Cardano developers Input-Output Global (IOG) had announced in April-end that they had forged significant partnership deals with two African governments, Ethiopia and Tanzania. John O’Connor, IOG’s Director of African Operations, has said that they are working towards yet another tie-up that will feature cooperation between a local government and the private sector. The partnership will be bridged by the IOG technology. 

Building scalable infrastructure in conjunction with World Mobile will be the main focus of the Tanzania deal. The two pronged objective of this Tanzanian project intends to provide mobile internet access, on one hand, and  offer digital identity for creating the base for socio-economic development.

John O’Connor had told the Cardano network that an additional 1 million users are coming on board to the Cardano ecosystem. While speaking on the issue, he didn’t mention anything about the upcoming Alonzo smart contract rollout. He said that the new features will be related to the microloans as well as the collateralized loans. He went on to say:

“What I will say though is that with smart contracts finally coming out, very, very, very interested in making sure we’re building the right tooling for applications around remittances and applications around open finance.”

When asked about the new deal with Africa, he said:

“A lot of my deal flow is around trying to make sure we that we understand these setters and these industries by working with top-tier marque partners who we can do a pilot with, learn the ropes, learn what’s missing from the Cardano solution at the moment and bake it in.”

O’Connor revealed that the mass adoption of this blockchain technology will take place when customers would not even know that the huge businesses they are using are already using Cardano in the back-end. He said:

“A year down the line, you not even realize it, but Cardano could be the back-end financial rails for these huge businesses, and the customer won’t even know.”

The crypto community is now busy to speculate about the name of the African country with which Cardano is working towards a significant deal.

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