JPMorgan to allow its retail clients to access crypto-currency funds

July 23, 2021
JPMorgan to allow its retail clients to access crypto-currency funds

Advisors to the banking giant may only perform cryptographic trade at the customer's direct request instead of advising the products themselves.

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The JPMorgan Chase major US investment bank reportedly enables consultants to run crypto trades for more of its customers.

According to Business Insider's Thursday report, JPMorgan retail clients now have access to cryptocurrency funds.

All JPMorgan clients seeking investment advice — including those managed by financial consultants, retail investors using its trading app and private bank custodians — would be offered a person familiar with the transfer of the bank to digital space.

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The GrayScale Investments Bitcoin Trust, the Bitcoin Cash Trust, the Ethereum Trust and the Osprey Bitcoin Trust, are reported to have access to Grayscale Current Clients now as well as OSprey Bitcoin trust, the over-the-counter trust of Osprey Funds.

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Investors may ask advisors to carry out cryptotrades, but the advisers of the bank may not recommend the use of crypto-investments.

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The move follows a report that numerous JPMorgan customers view cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) as an asset class.

The Asset Management Director of the company, Mary Callahan Erdoes, said that the bank would enable clients "to put their money to invest," which was allegedly cryptographic.

Since its inception JPMorgan has had a complicated connection with crypto.

CEO Jamie Dimon called Bitcoin 'fraud' in 2017.

Recent reports have however shown that the company allows its customers to be more spatially exposed and adopts blockchain solutions.

In March the bank said it had designed a new debt instrument providing investors with direct exposure to a crypto-focused enterprise basket, including the MicroStrategy business intelligence firm.

Furthermore the company has recently published the proposal to hire software developers and engineers, marketers and auditors for posts that focus on blockchain technology.

The price of bitcoin has since risen to $32,322 at publishing, after falling below 30 000$ for the first time since January earlier this week.

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