Thailand's largest telecom operator plans to outperform all of Southeast Asia

July 27, 2021
Thailand's largest telecom operator plans to outperform all of Southeast Asia

Jasmine Telecom Systems has announced it plans to become the largest BTC miner in Southeast Asia in its ambitious Bitcoin mining plan.

Publicly-Traded Thai Telecom Company Targets 5% of Bitcoin Hashrate by 2024

Jasmine Telecom Systems (JTS) announced ambitious Bitcoin mining projects at the Stock Exchanges of Thailand (SET) listed subsidiary of Jasmine International (JAS).

JTS plans to be the largest Bitcoin miner of the 10 countries of the South-East Asian Nations Association (ASEAN).

JTS Moves Forward to Seize the Bitcoin Mining Business

Over the third quarter of this year, the Thai telecommunications operator will install 500 Bitcoin mining machines.

JTS intends to tenfold the following year's mining operations by installing an extra 5,000 machines at industrial plants around Thailand in partnership with the Jastrel network.

On the occasion of this tormented expansion of integrated telecommunications and IT services, the JTS president Dusit Srisangaoran said: “Now is a good time for JTS to invest in Bitcoin mining, given its widespread adoption and the incident in China that caused the hashrate to drop to an eight-month low.”

Thai Telecom Firm JTS Looks to Install 50,000 Mining Rigs - SuperCryptoNews

On the basis of those remarks, it is clear that Mr. Srisangaoran plans to use Bitcoin for some time, just after the Chinese ban and major hashrate decline, in what many miners would consider an appropriate time.

JTS aims to put 50,000 machines online by 100x before the next Bitcoin halving.

This would add about 5 exhausts of power to the network, making JTS the largest mining operation of Bitcoin in South-east Asia, even at the next half of the world's power.

JTS could mine about sixteen thousand bitcoins annually at this level.

The development of "new service companies that will help generate stable revenues and continuous growth" is likely to form the basis of JTS's mining strategy.

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