The number of active Bitcoin addresses has increased by 30%.

August 2, 2021
The number of active Bitcoin addresses has increased by 30%.

BTC millionaires have also raised their holdings in the recent week.

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During the last week, Bitcoin, the world's most valuable digital currency, experienced a boom in network activity, with the total number of active Bitcoin addresses increasing by about 30%.

Over the last week, according to the latest data from crypto analytics company Glassnode, the number of active Bitcoin entities each day climbed from 250,000 to around 325,000.

The most recent increase in active BTC organizations was primarily due to a significant increase in the price of the world's largest cryptocurrency

Following a rise in demand from ordinary investors, Bitcoin reached a high of almost $42,500 last week.

BTC is currently trading above $40,000 and has a market capitalization of nearly $756 billion.

“Active Entities in Bitcoin have increased by 30% in the last week, growing from 250k to 325k active entities every day.

This level of activity was maintained in July 2020, when BTC values were around $11.3k, according to Glassnode.

The number of bitcoin whales has also risen dramatically in the recent week.

Finance Magnates has reported on three separate transactions involving the transfer of nearly $1 billion in Bitcoin from Coinbase.

Accumulation of Bitcoin

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BTC millionaires have intensified their collection in the previous several days, in addition to the recent price increase and active Bitcoin addresses.

BTC whale addresses gained roughly 170,000 coins in the last four weeks, according to blockchain surveillance firm Santiment.

“As of this writing, Bitcoin addresses holding between 100 and 10,000 BTC now have a total of 9.23 million coins in their wallets, a new all-time high for this category. The previous all-time high was set on April 5th, exactly one week after Bitcoin's price peaked at $63.5k. Approximately 170,000 BTC has been added to these addresses in the previous four weeks. This incredible speed was last seen in late December 2020, just before the start of a strong bull run in 2021, when prices rose from $29.0k to $40.8k in the first week of the year,” according to Santiment's latest Bitcoin research report.

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