Crypto Army
Dynamic Crypto Index Weapons

‍Instead of chasing coin to hold, Crypto Army offers a portfolio of coins that work together and dynamically allocate its exposure.

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Crypto Index Made Easy

A secure way to get diversified exposure to bitcoin and leading Crypto-assets

as you go

Index your
portfolio with
as little as $150

your portfolio

Benefit from
a diverse library of indices to
balance your portfolio

Security and Transparency

Your fund holdings are secured by your exchange itself and
reported in real time

in Autopilot

Everything is automated by our algorithms, saving you time
and hard work

Take the guesswork out of the100 Crypto Assets

Secure, convenient and transparent allocation solutions.
There are thousands of crypto-assets for investors to choose from.
Crypto Army eliminates the complexity of choosing the coins and tokens that have the most potential.

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Built Your Passive Strategies
In 3 Easy Steps


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Welcome to the future of finance


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Connect to Binance, the trusted exchange


your indices

Select the indices that suit you best

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Diversify Your Crypto Portfolio Without Much Effort

Get the best allocation tools, verified by experts in the crypto-assets industry since 2017.

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What clients say about us

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Trusted site for crypto fund. The fees are low compared to others I recommend it for their seriousness and security continue to do a good job thank you.

Steev Fisher
Financial Advisor

CryptoArmy is the perfect platform to enter the world of crypto. With a simple interface, transparent fees. Serious and secure platform.

Eric Howard
System Engineer

I am discovering crypto money with your CryptoArmy. The site is well designed.

Dorothy Penacota

Very good tools. I recommend this platform for beginners but also for experienced traders for the seriousness the speed and the simplicity of use.
Thanks a lot to the team.

Elisa Martin
Sales Assistant


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